She created a group

Called it forever♾️

Then added me


The Dp was a sunset pic

Of lovers holding hands

And hearts💖



All day, all time


Mary left


I changed Dp

To no photo

And name to:

Nothing like forever


Njuguna left

©️ 2019 — From my poetry collection: Cigarettes, Coffee and Nostalgia




The boy who sings

And the girl who dances

Look in each other’s eyes

And shyly smile


He wildly pulls the strings

She madly shakes her body

The guitar is near breaking point

Her last move was a mistake

She suddenly falls…


Music stops

The boy who picks her

Is the boy who sung

She stares at him and says

Sing me a love song

He looks at her and says

I have lost my voice



The boy who sings

And the girl in his arms

Tremble in ecstasy

As music refrains…