Death Note

From depressions to deep lessons

Life so brief, no time to ease this grief

Rolling in vain, can’t follow the train

Am up, am under, thoughts wander

This heart on trial, pick a phone, dial

Had no clue, my soul blue, under sue

Problems are glue, no cent rent is due

Facing the duel, those eyes so cruel

They sought suicidal thoughts I wrote

Found none, am on the run, son of the sun

My dears they cheer on my tears

B’cause its clear; that my end is near

Until the end of time, crime and rhymes

When they copy my poetry and philosophy

Dreams are dope, tighten the crop on the rope

My neck is stiff, this life hangs on a cliff

Facing the moon, soon will be honeymoon

Hell, or heaven, my shell destined in haven

Tomorrow to their sorrow will be hallow

Break ups when they wake up, can’t make up

B’cause what I just wrote is a suicide note.


©️ 2019 — From my poetry collection, sYMPHONIEs.




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David Njuguna

David Njuguna

Expert Article Writer

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