Red Stilettos

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5th Sep 2018

She stood behind the glass window, staring at red stiletto shoes.

She was a dark girl of eighteen or so with freckles on her cheeks. I could have missed her as she stood in the throng with people, but for her African patterned dress and something on her face.

A kind of established determination.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, she was a bird ready to fly, yet she lingered. She reminded me of lines of poetry I had scribbled on an abstract painting:

Staring at infinity

Spread of hope and hopelessness…

5th Sep 2019

Its raining hard.

The glass planes are blurred. I can’t see outside the matatu. My mind wanders into far away voyages. The dark girl seated close to me is nineteen or so with freckles on her cheeks.

I smile at her. She smiles shyly looking down. I follow her gaze. The girl seated close to me has red stiletto shoes..

I remember a rainy day last year

I remember a girl staring in a glass window at red stile…..


From Symphonies — A Poetry Collection. 2019.




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David Njuguna

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